Project Management

We are dedicated to your dreams.

Our project management consultants provide a wide range of services from inception to completion. No project is too small and every phone call and email is of the upmost importance. As a small, local business based out of Stockton CA we can be far more competitive and understanding in our bidding process. We are also centrally located so our response time is unmatched. This provides you with a completely tailored approach to services that goes virtually unmatched by our competitors. Most importantly we consider EVERY client as a friend, and we strive to take care of our friends. We understand without you we cannot function. DREAM BIG. STRESS LESS. that’s our motto.


TURNAROUND 360 provides an analysis of your project needs from an experienced professional who has industry specific expertise. This is your time to let us know what you want and need from us. Colors, Materials, everything down to the color of the screws!

Budgeting and Planning

TURNAROUND 360 will sit down with you and calculate what to expect from your project so no one is caught off guard. We will also offer timelines based on projected project scopes so you have a visual timeline of your projects completion.

On Site Solutions

TURNAROUND 360 will be there from start to finish to provide the proper degree of services to ensure your project is on scope and on budget and completed on schedule. If any “headaches” occur during the process TURNAROUND 360 will be on your side to resolve the issues.

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